Established since 1984 in Jakarta, PT. Pan Rama is engaged in the manufacturing and export of ladies’ fashion apparel to the United States, Europe and Australia.  In 1998, Pan Rama were pioneers in relocating our production base to Central Java, which has now become a strategic manufacturing hub.  Located in Solo, often referred to as the home of Batik, we avail of the region’s competent labor pool and take advantage of its close proximity to the shipping port of Semarang.

Producing only top quality products is the basis of our existence, and in the spirit of continuous improvement, Pan Rama is always learning and adopting new systems, procedures and disciplines that place us levels higher than the competition.

Recognizing the importance of automation, engineering, data reporting and analysis to achieve maximum efficiencies and competencies required by the industry, Pan Rama utilizes an ERP software system as the backbone of Product Merchandising, and extensive use of Industrial Engineering in our production control and monitoring.  Furthermore, Pan Rama is committed to making regular investments in updating our equipment, CAD & Design software, and process engineering as part of our continuous improvement initiative

The company’s greatest asset is our dedicated team on the ground, thus human capital development is critical to sustain a business in a labor-intensive industry. As one of Pan Rama’s core values, our in-house mentoring program builds leaders from within, providing equal opportunities to all genders and backgrounds.  The continuous emphasis on employee autonomy, independence and accountability is what we believe will move us all forward as a team.

Need a reliable workforce for the following position :

2. quality control
3. cutting

Syarat :

1. Pria/ Wanita

2. Pendidikan minimal SMP

3. Usia minimal 18 tahun

4. Fresh graduated dipersilahkan melamar

5. Mampu bekerja sama dengan team


Fasilitas yang didapatkan :

1. Asuransi Kecelakaan

2. BPJS Kesehatan

3. Cuti tahunan

4. Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR)

5. Lembur


Open Link :

Expired (tutup) : 31 Agustus 2020




Jl. Raya Solo – Purwodadi RT 03/ RW 07 Selokaton, Kec. Gondangrejo
Telp. (0271) 853322

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